2015 The Brand
ultracoolbru is born

The brand that would later become a company was originally created in 2015 by founder, Edward Whitehead.

It was created as a joke, to be uniquely identify on social media. It was never the intension to form a company, but it became a back-up plan and it was eventually registered as a company.

2020 ultra bike
ultrabike is formed
Facebook - ULTRA BIKE

ultra bike was formed and an e-commerce store selling bicycle products was launched.

As the title suggests, it remained aligned with the ultracoolbru branding.

Although the company is still in existence, it is not operational and the e-commerce store was decommissioned due to lack of interest and high shipping costs during the peak of the global pandemic.

2020 Build-a-Bike
build-a-bike is created
Build a Bike Product Images

Created a supplementary concept and store to ultra bike, Build-a-Bike was eventually also decommissioned due to the high costs of shipping products around the globe during the pandemic.

2020 Kirsten
In loving memory of Kirsten

In December 2020, Kirsten-Leanne Whitehead was tragically taken from this world and her father and founder of ultracoolbru has dedicated an application concept totally in her memory.

Kirsten, is an on-demand services app, offering a range of home, office and event cleaning services and is currently still in the development phase.

2021 ultracoolbru (Pty) Ltd
ultracoolbru South Arica is founded
New FB Cover

After a long standing contract and travelling to various destinations across the globe as a "digital nomad", our founder had to look at backup plan to ensure he met any relevant legal requirements when entering a country. Of all the possible solutions, starting a company was the best and ultracoolbru (Pty) Ltd was founded 11 February, 2021.

2021 PayBee.me

PayBee.me becomes part of the ultracoolbru product family and gets a new design and development commences using Flutter.

2021 ultracoolbru LLC
ultracoolbru USA is founded

Internally developed products and services target the international market and to obtain a Stripe account in order to accept payments globally, ultracoolbru LLC is founded.

2021 ultracoolBio

ultracool.bio becomes part of the ultracoolbru family as a small service to offer a quick and actionable biography style mini-website.

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